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I use my medium channel to receive clairaudience (which I associate with clairvoyance)  messages from spiritual entities such as guides, archangels and more generally all souls, whether animal or human, living or dead. I then retransmit the message to you as it was delivered to me, without filter.  

Despite my ability to communicate with souls, it is important to specify that in the context of souls of deceased people, I channel them only when they present themselves to me, for you.

It is important to keep in mind that all guidance aims to shed light on you, sometimes to show you the way.

Any decision must be put back in your heart , not in a guidance that I would have transmitted to you. No guidance can prevent you from living certain experiences which may seem difficult to you if this is what you have.  to understand and heal in this incarnation.  

lahochi (2).png

The LaHoChi

The “La” refers to light, love and wisdom.

The "Ho" refers to the movement of this energy.

“Chi” is life force .


energy  LaHoChi  . weaves together energy fields by repairing gaps, tears and damaged areas.

  • It introduces vibrations of color and health.

  • Enhances an acupuncture treatment in the etheric fields.

  • Opens the body's 21 energy centers or meridian anatomy system.

  • Released  blockages in the subtle energy bodies.

  • Opens and clears the chakra system.

  • Realigns the structure of the body into a multi-dimensional grid system that holds the body in its integrity.

  • Clears electrical blockages in the energy of the body, similar to a network of links between cellular memory and the physical body, so that information can flow freely.

  •   Expands the energy field.

  • Activate the light body

Excerpt from "Lahochi, High Frequency Hand Healing" by  Elizabeth Chandler

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Vibrational visual energy

I use the vibratory visual energy within the framework of energy care by acting on the subtle bodies and, when it arises, on certain organs.  

pain, discomfort and  physical illness, are only the result of disturbances that have had  take place at the level of the soul at first . By using the vibratory visual energy I act on the origin of the manifestation of these. I proceed to the reading of your soul which indicates to me what there is to treat and release in priority. 



I use magnetism in a targeted way to soothe, cleanse and regenerate the organs, to soothe inflammation and to "cut the fire" in the case of burns. Magnetism can be practiced both remotely and face-to-face .

For all fire protection requests  thanks to contact me. 

Sans titre (5).png

The Oracles

Systematically used in the context of guidance and if necessary during  intuitive care, the oracles accompany you with intense and liberating messages.  

I only use oracles with whom I have previously established a deep connection. 

Despite the beauty and power of these tools, I do not pretend to be a magician and to be able to erase all your problems instantly. Nevertheless, I am committed to accompanying you and advising you as best as possible according to your needs.

As in any therapy, it is sometimes necessary to receive several treatments to obtain the desired result.

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