About me

Hi !

My name is Sonia Dartevelle , I practice channeling and energetic cares. I've been a nurse for 14 years. 

The process of healing my soul's wounds helped me to connect with my intuitive capacities.

Since 2018 I am able to communicate with souls (alives or passed) 

Then I decided to follow my way, something that my soul was waiting for so long : helping people with my skills.

Now I'm allying energetics cares and channeling for anyone who wants to heal their soul.



1h30  (zoom video conference)

$120 USD

It's a personalized energetic care. I use all my skills for you : Channeling, LaHoChi, magnetism, oracles cards, guidance ...

I start the session by reading your soul, then I use the best techniques for you at that moment. 

This process offers the opportunity to explore previous lifes and heal the wounds that were created at that time. It helps to understand the origins of blockages in life and in relationships. It also gives the opportunity to break negative attachment ropes, and to free yourself from ancestral burdens.

You can talk and answer to the souls that I channel for you.

Channeling session

45 min (zoom video conference)

$70 USD

It's a reading session.
I use my medium channel to receive messages from  passed souls or from your spiritual guides.

LaHoChi (distance energetic care)

No video conference, I send you the report by mail

$90 USD

Lahochi is an impressive energy healing technique

  • La refers to the Light, the

    love and the wisdom originating from theelevated frequencies of Light.

  • Ho refers to the movement of the energy.

  • Chi is the life power; the universal life energy.

LaHoChi opens the 21 energy centers of the body (the system of meridian anatomy.)

-LaHoChi is a great support in diferent situations like :  hard birth, surgery, radiation, drugs, accidents, old and present wounds life, all types of trauma,  negative programming and genetic tendencies.

- Introduces color and health vibrations.

-Improves, in the etheric field, such an acupuncture treatment.

- Open, rebalance and clean the chakra system.

-Activates the body of light.

-Accelerates healing and spiritual gifts.

LaHoChi is a good complement to allopathic medicine

Also good for children.

cheval brun animal

Do you need to communicate with your animal's soul ? 
Check on Horse Konfidence's website :


None of these cares & sessions can replace the advice of a doctor or even a medicinal treatment. 

It often needs to receive more than one energetic care to provide the results wanted.